Welcome to my blog!

I am a young writer with a passion for music. I try diversify my taste when I can and so my pallet consists of chiltrap, Jazz, Jpop and mostly Hip Hop which will be the main focus of this site.

My objective is to fuse my love of music with my love for written communication (being an english student) by creating analytical pieces of work where I analyse various song’s lyrics, structure, form and so on. So you can expect a lot of content relevant to modern music but I also listen to some of the old school too… MF Doom, GZA, Jazz Liberatorz to name a few.

I’m also learning to rap myself and you can find (and follow?) my Soundcloud here


Anyway what ever I analyse I just want you all to understand that it just WhatTyThink (get it?) so feel free to leave your own interpretations in the comment section. I love reading alternative views as I spend a lot of my bus journeys and such on Genius.com one of my favorite websites.


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